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Valhalla Farm - Organic Herb Farm in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island

Valhalla Farms Herbs N' Things

Henri - works for the Municipality of Saanich as a gardener. As a chef, Henri enjoyed trying different herbs in his cooking. To do this he often had to grow the herbs himself. This lead to the love of herbs and the discovery of the many uses. He enjoys making up new recipes with the herbs he grows.

Pat - is a retired Registered Nurse. She manages most of  the gardens at home. Her combined experience in the hospitals and the garden led to the development of a  variety of useful items. These include a variety of non-allergenic soaps, a hand balm that soothes the skin and scented items to help insomnia and headaches.

The herb garden is composed of many little "rooms"; a new discovery can be made around each corner.

The gazebo in the front yard is a peaceful place to smell the herbs and watch the bees, birds and butterflies.

Sir George Trincamale, the distinguished Llama, guards his "girls" the North Country Cheviots, and a gentle guardian he is.  These pictures were left on the web page as a memorial to the wonderful flock of sheep that were attacked and killed by dogs. Looking at these pictures put a smile on our face and we hope that those that have visited the farm will also remember them with fond memories.

Four years later George also died, still missing his fleecy family.

Though mostly herbs, this garden looks like one you would find in an  English countryside.

Peony Flower : Did you know that the peony is a herb?  There may be many surprises in store for you.

A twin seed labyrinth was created on the farm in 2007.